Tragedy of the Starter Greenhouse

Starter Greenhouse, Front View, BEFORE

This is the second time the starter greenhouse has blown apart in the wind…it’s old structure is no match for the “wind tunnel.” The first time, it was completely torn apart in a matter of hours, just before dark.  We had to abruptly transfer our small 2 month old chickens and new rabbit into the garage, where they would temporarily stay as we built a new home in an adjacent greenhouse.  We transferred food…then transferred more..most things made it.  Some of the cold weather crops were better off, enjoying regular cool breezes in our remedied structure.   But our temporary fix only made it until the next storm, which occurred today. Fortunately, the vegetables and animals are all a little hardier…hopefully.

Side View, AFTER

We went outside hoping to work, “brave” the wind by running for cover to the Party Greenhouse, our largest outdoor structure. We ran..only to find inside just as breezy as outside. Oh no! First we notice the starter greenhouse ripped to pieces, major bummer, but no surprise. But now we are in the process of loosing the bottom half of the party greenhouse… Not a good day on the farm. The vegetables are holding strong, I think.  Looks like it will be another week of repairs and relocating…

It is a bit of a disaster. We repaired it once and it was usable. Now, not so much. In pieces again. We need to replace the plastic for good, illustrated by how well the new greenhouses are facing the winds.  Next phase: Remodel.