Farm Friends

The Coup

In the middle of a rainstorm, approaching dark, we loaded up 11 chickens from Laconner into the u-hual. Apparently, their rent was up. They spent 3 days solo holding down the fort…the cold spells afterward were probably more traumatic. We lost one immediately, shock I presume…some other tragedies followed.  Chickens get very cranky when their water freezes, a little something I learned.

Need less to say, only 6 made it to the spring & a few ended up dog-dinner.

Raising chicks under heat lamp, 2 weeks old

Those who survived are doing really well…and we added 5 more to the pack–raised up from little chicks earlier this spring.  We hope to actually hatch them next time; these little ones were brought home at 2 days old. Now they are almost full grown…and SPUNKY! We have a couple of roosters that do indeed crow at the break of dawn…love that…and our hens are producing healthy, beautiful eggs everyday.

Temporary home

Our rabbit was a craigslist rescue too.  We hope to find him some friends soon and expand his tromping grounds. He is sweet, priceless–literally–Rabbit poop is very valuable to the garden. Next come some cats…mice patrol.