Storm Update

The calm after the storm…the sun burst out as if the winds had never come…and plastic lay everywhere. In trees, blown to the fence..not just the greenhouse covering…everything–trays, pots, plants, tools…
Some of the smaller starts were actually uprooted. The Starter greenhouse is back to square one, but fortunately we only lost the bottom half of one side of the Party greenhouse, I expected much worse.
Hope to do as much vegetable-starts-reviving as possible today…these poor little foods need a good home in the ground….
Check back for their progress, we should have the gardens off in a couple of weeks….in the meantime….those starts that did find homes are doing well…Driftwood farms is rockin’ their personal vegetable garden and to my knowledge, the food is in the ground at Solstice farm too…way to go team farmers! Here’s to some storm-less gardening….