Guemes Plant Sale

By our standards, the first public appearance was quite the success!

team mama

The guys had a blast. They packed the u-hual with perennials and vegetable starts and headed to Guemes Island for the annual Pie and Plant Sale (or something like that).  All appeared well, until what was supposed to be a plant sale turned out to be more of a Pie Sale…which really turned out to be more of a fundraiser. A disaster?

Uhual Loaded

No. Disaster averted by the honesty of a mistake and the charisma of team mama…as the big yellow u-hual claimed territory, opened the back, and let the plants flow.

A smashing 40% of their inventory gone to new Guemian gardens. Yippee!  All that goodness topped by Granny’s home-style pies…oh yeah! Go Guemes! Appreciate the support.  We look forward to many more exciting u-hual experiences as we broaden the horizons on “Miss Daisy’s” potential…