Jubilee Moves On


Jubilee Family Farm
Local Veggie Goodness
Mount Vernon, Washington

CSA Shares for 2010 Season Now Available From Jubilee!

Jubilee Family Farm is cozy in it’s new location. Over the past two months, they have been growing food in one of BigMama’s greenhouses while preparing for their farm’s big relocation. Having spent the previous year in collaboration with Azusa Nursery, their family farm has found a new home on Hoag Road, here in Mount Vernon, WA. They our rocking their goodness as a homestyle CSA having grown food for over a dozen shareholders in their first year, and with hopes to triple their accommodations this season. Not only are they growing an abundance of yummy, healthy food, but their managers, Holly and Sarah, are fervently working toward organic certification and future grant proposals. Wow….& linked up with Tierra Nueva–a non-profit spreading the love and educating the community–this is an amazing team of individuals. You go Girls! Your fellow farmers are proud…keep it up. Here’s to your exciting, successful future.  You will be missed.

Best of Wishes and all our Love,  Big Mama

The following is excerpted from Jubilee’s welcome registration form, we thank them for supplying neighbors with great information.

“Joining the Jubilee Family CSA:
• It isn’t just about acquiring fresh organic quality produce or supporting local economy.
• It isn’t just a fabulous weekly fieldtrip to the farm where you connect your produce with the farmers and soil that grow it.
• You aren’t just a consumer buying produce, but part of a
diverse and connected community.

Community Sustaining Agriculture (CSA) is based on a simple principle: reconnect eaters with their local food source and in turn, with their social, ecological and economic environment. By joining our CSA, you are supporting a vision that is rooted in relationship and creates a welcoming space for health, healing and celebration to grow….
How a CSA share works:
• You receive 20 weeks of organic, in-season produce: veggies,herbs, flowers and occasionally fruit.
• Every week, June-October, we harvest a bag of produce that you pick up at the farm in Mount Vernon.
• No two weeks are the same. We aim for 6-8 varieties of produce with enough for 4 good eaters.
• You get to be involved in the growing process by picking your own flowers, seeing the farm, and volunteering weekly or monthly if you so desire!

We’re inspired by the announcement made by the long-ago Hebrew prophet Isaiah when he spoke the words:
“Hey, everyone who thirsts: come to the waters;
and you that have no money, come, buy and eat!
…Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food… (Isaiah 55,1-3)

At Jubilee, we want to provide people with access to good food. Many people will be able to pay the full $400 suggested donation for the 20-week season share; others of you will pay for a farm share with food stamps…Spend what you are able for good food and the folks who can afford the full amount will be filling in the gaps to provide compensation for all the farm supplies and farm laborers’ wages. The more we can be part of caring for each other in relationship, the more we all will be provided for in tangible necessities like food and meaningful work. These are some of the reasons we see ourselves as a family–because those working and those purchasing a share are all part of something together.”

For more details on this great community endeavor–
Contact Farmers Holly Braun and Sara Wevodau at:
360.630.7298 jubileefamilyfarm@gmail.com