What is Fresh?

There is one major advantage to my slowly growing, rudely neglected, and seemingly small start-off-the-season-veggie garden: fresh salad greens. It may be little, it may be full of weeds, but it is functional. How satisfactory to be out there plucking my garden greens…eating a salad lunch within moments of harvest. It doesn’t get any more fresh, any more alive. Eastern medicine strongly supports the consumption of fresh food.  Why? The moment food is processed or harvested it begins to die, literally, slowly loosing it’s nutrient supply and content. Some food theories suggest avoiding re-heated food,”leftovers” and vegetables or fruits stored in the fridge for over three days for this reason–fresh food is better for you, lively food enlivens you.  I recently read that we are better off utilizing frozen vegetables than eating foods past their prime (or stored, the consequences of being a weekly shopper or heaven forbid, a meal-planner that sees into the weekend).  So…

If growing your own greens is a daunting concept, try to get to know your local farmers markets and CSA farms.  With the current trend in food prices, as consumers, let’s opt to choose a 2 buck head of lettuce which encourages wellness in our bodies and liveliness in our days. EAT LIVE FOOD… it’s nutritious.

The next time you pick up a wilted head of green-leaf lettuce from the grocery store shipped from who knows where too long ago…think about the small farmers out in the fields at dawn, harvesting their lettuce….lettuce brought to the market the day of harvest, potentially consumed by you and your children that very evening. Now that is fresh! I happen to know the fine folks at the Anacortes Farmer’s Market who have begun doing their “food to table” thing…are you local market savvy???

Here’s a chance to tell Big Mama about who you support…what’s your favorite way to obtain wholesome, fresh, nutritive fruits and veggies??