Spring Happening

Finally. Some changes are underway. The latest and greatest addition to the farm is our Rototiller–the devil who will dare to break this well packed Skagit ground. Purchased off a neighbor down the way–you gotta love Avon’s small farming community–this baby means business. Yes! The squash plot is going in….just as soon as the rains stop. Wow. It’s an even wetter northwest.

The Rabbit Habitat is solid. Easter has his indoor and outdoor domain. We accidentally allowed for his new bunny friend to escape-their fond relationship lasting a mere eight hours-a minor mishap in the world of improvements. She, who has apparently assumed No Name until further developments, is currently residing under the massage studio…we are still working on that situation.

Thanks to Steuber’s and their very reasonable greenhouse supplies (Hwy 2, WA)…the materials are in route and we are anxious to recover our main operating greenhouse, the temperature controlled Starter House. With that back in operation, we will be good to install more raised beds and get tomatoes and peppers growing in their rightful homes.

Last but not least, it is Wage a Weed War Week on the farm…fear not my foliage loving friends and foes, we are infusing and drying as many of these virulent wonders as we can. If you have kept up with the Herbal Garden, you know, Big Mama is a big fan of medicinal herbs, but when it comes to ornamental gardening….Horsetail is making way for Azalea.

That’s the scoop. Stay tuned. June is bound to be our most successful month yet!