Starter Up!

Starter Greenhouse Updates

With the plastic still in route..we’ve turned our focus to the beds. We are moderating the original layout–gradually dissembling the back tables for future use and installing raised beds in their place. We hope to maximize the potentials of this greenhouse, with heated tables for growing starts and raised beds for year-round gardening.
With one bed down and three to go, we decided to empty a little extra dirt out of the trailer… “the Morehouse” (our electric truck) quite a ride. Check out the wheelie this bad boy can pop!

Two new friends.
That cute little bunny just didn’t come home. Not to fret, we found Easter another No Name rabbit. We are working on expanding the new tromping grounds to incorporate a communal run with the chickens…we think they will enjoy the crazy company. And with a new hen added to the flock, there will be no more waiting on the young layers. This girl is a year and a half and laying lots of healthy eggs. She sure is pretty too.

Today is the day for the rototiller. With two yards of compost sitting in the trailer (from a wicked good deal out of Big Lake, 10 bucks a load!)…we are bound to have our external plot ready by sun down.

End of Wage a Weed War Week. The weeds remain and the muscles are sore. Time to call in the reinforcement.  Dare I say another week?