Studio Landscape Begins

Mama’s Studio is getting a face lift.  Our intent is to give a few of the nursery survivors a good home before the heat hits, and beautify this whole area with garden beds.  Apparently, we’ve launched our landscape project with a new pond.  It was dug up right out of the gardens of a neighbor not far across these flats…and it came fully equipped with water plants and goldfish.   We picture a little waterfall, and of course the paths and landscape, but thanks to craiglist, we managed to start here. With the fish.  This is the first phase of the studio remodel, which is home to EarthBound Massage.

To the east we have the nursery, stretching to our newly established (and not quite established) raspberry and strawberry gardens, and to the west, our future orchard…which at the moment is merely rows and rows of dead plants.. shadows of the nursery’s closure..waiting to be composted.