DownUnder Blues

Berry season is on with raspberries dropping from their vines and the blueberries just beginning to plump up, turning to those deep, enchanting purple, pink and blue hues.

Gotta love the blueberry…a tiny little fruit packed with health enhancing antioxidants and rich in vitamin and minerals.  These are the blues that pick you up when you are down, offering supportive nutrients to the brain, heart and eyes.

And so, in order to protect such goodness…they went undercover. We have closed both ends with this netting, but as suspected, the birds remain determined. We are considering using CD’s as reflectors, as we know other farmers who have had luck with this method.  Next year we will need to improvise, but for now……..this contraption will have to do.

Here’s to healthy, happy & yummy blueberry harvesting!!!