Go Go Garlic

This was my first attempt at growing garlic, ever. My oh my, this was successful, easy and so satisfying.  On account of our late arrival to the farm, we were seriously behind in fall planting. I stumbled across a farmer’s blog from Alberta, Canada, with many comments insisting that garlic could be planted no matter the cold, just as long as you could break ground. In light of that information, I set to plant my garlic cloves, in the middle of winter.  I busted open a couple of heads and planted the individual cloves in frozen soil.  To my surprise, green sprouts poked through that ground as soon as it warmed.

It is only now, a long 7 months later, that the benefits of “hard work” are reaped. Yet again, highly uncertain, I pulled up all the garlic at the beginning of July and wrapped it in a couple bundles, hung to dry on the only hooks available on my back porch.  I finally got around to researching the correct method, and though I failed to honor my garlic bulbs, they are undoubtedly honoring me.  Call it beginners luck, but despite my neglect, the garlic is drying and my first head was absolutely divine.

Here’s the garlic harvesting scoop:

Hang in a well-ventilated area ranging from 70-80 degrees, upside down, the smaller the clumps the better…in bundles with a maximum of 4-6 heads.  They should be completely dry in approximately 3 weeks.

(Take note that all of my garlic was hung in only 2 bundles, during a not so brilliant Northwest summer, and thus evidently not recommended–So if you follow nothing else, follow this….Plant and pull—you won’t regret it).

What to conclude from having my hands in on this potent plant–a miracle medicine with components similar to modern day antibiotics….garlic is absolutely amazing.  Possessing the virtue of weeds……..it wants to be alive….it wants to heal.  It’s resiliency is a sign of it’s strength. So GO GO Garlic……..GROW!