Aren’t Grapes Grand?

A drooping bushel oasis. A seductive entanglement. Unleash the beast baby you might as well be a weed!! Aren’t grapes grand? Gorgeous Grand Grapes. Get em’ growing and you have a little taste of paradise drooping off balconies, parading up trellises, cascading down staircases and enveloping your hoop houses.  That’s right. Our grapes have gone wild.

Within a short month of covering the blueberries, one of those unmanageable vines crept up and over the netting–that’s 10 feet of growth. Awesome.

They are bushing up off the fence in the driveway as if to suggest–no entry. Amazing.

They are my new favorite fruit based solely on the fact that they are gorgeous, and as I admire them in neighboring landscapes, I dream…………….vineyard.