Feed The People

I received an email recently and was very excited to hear of a new effort launched by the Puget Sound Food Network (PSFN), called the Farm to Table Program. After contacting one of their representatives, I was informed that though in it’s infancy, this program has the intent and hopefully the capacity to collect and distribute quality whole food donations to the elderly people of the community. Their intended avenue for access would be through the already established local meal programs. Great Great Thinking! (Says this farmer). Another Yippee! to seal the deal on my excitement.

And Big Mama’s is on the list, as a future potential food donor and distributor. They are shooting for collaboration “in the fields” by next spring, but as these projects go…time tells all. Nonetheless, the concept is as exciting as ever and the representative within the program had some additional insight:

The Skagit Food Share Alliance offers a Gleaning Program which creates a need for all the “leftovers”, from an overabundance of crops in the field to an overabundance of produce on grocery store shelves.  Fortunately, this organization can assure a successful transition from the farm to the people through their alliance with food banks. So if you happen to have one too many apples falling from your trees, maybe it is time to investigate your options and get GLEANED. Their community action agency is located right here in Mount Vernon and they can be directly contacted via telephone @ 360-416-7585 or accessed through their website.

Harvest Against Hunger is part of Rotary First Harvest, an organization with the mission to unite “farms, food banks, and volunteers to secure fresh produce for distribution to thousands of hungry families and individuals throughout Washington State.”  They claim to take donations regardless of volume, so Big Mama gave them a shout out too. To find out more on fighting hunger, visit their informative website @ http://www.firstharvest.org/hah/.

We will update as the efforts unfold, but we are optimistic that our little farm might have a bright future—in an effort to Feed the People in our community.