San Francisco and the Future of Big Mama’s Farm

It is true. We have temporarily relocated to California due to other business. Developments on Big Mama’s farm may be on hold, but creativity and inspiration certainly are not.

In a short year, a tractor will be added to the farm’s repertoire & we are hopeful for the building of our future barn.

In the meantime, you can take the farm from a farmer but you can’t take the farmer from the farm.  In spirit, we are there…growing.

It is springtime on the farm, and thus it is planter-box building on our patio in California. The community garden at our local recreational center (a mere year into it’s existence) is up and active with life, both ornamental and edible.

Our small but generous city patio, is torn up and ready for rebirth. The spirit of Big Mama is here…ready to grow food to out-grow it’s boxes. You can’t fence a farm in, and healthy food knows no boundaries.

Stay tuned. The future of the farm to be reborn…yet again…and city growing impromptu–passionate & productive. All our love. Big Mama & Family.