Tuesday Mornings in Oceanview

It happened to be Tuesday morning when we moved into this little community. There were at least a hundred people at the park that day and we were none the wiser to the source of all the fuss. Now, after living here over a year, I can attest that the same crowd gathers every Tuesday, early, like clockwork, to mark their spot in line, waiting for a weekly ration of food from the San Francisco Food Bank Truck.

Feeding the Programs that Feed the People. That is what the side of their truck reads, which parks in front of our house to unload the pallets of food.  I am impressed by everyone’s diligence, it seems to be an effective system, and I wonder, where is all that food coming from?

I have advocated that gleaning farm leftovers could become one way to increase the availability of programs such as these.  One opportunity to put food on tables, farm food.  I thought about our farm’s donation to the local food bank and if our beets became someone’s dinner.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we could broaden this network, branch out, go beyond our current notion of community gardening? Imagine, you sit down at your local restaurant.  Ask the waiter, “What’s on the menu tonight?” She responds, “Well, Big Mama’s had an overabundance of potatoes, so we have mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, twice-baked potatoes & potato-leek soup…What’ll ya have?”

Honestly, I am not sure how the system works, but as I watch all these people standing in line for hours, some mothers, grandmothers, with young children swung about their backs, I think…we need these systems, and they can work.