Stamp out Hunger

The Food Banks Deliver!

If you followed the previous post, you know we are exploring simple programs making big differences….

Stamping out Hunger is a food drive that involves a “nationwide partnership between local food banks, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service.”

Participating was pretty easy, since the brown bag was delivered and picked up by the postal service, I just had to fill it.

Though I saw a few of the local bums hit up the bag before pick-up, I felt good knowing my food was getting around, the way food should.

Among other things, the bag read:

Fill a Bag, Feed a Family.



And so I did; I hope it works.

UPDATE: the next day…

I received a little thank you note for my contribution to Stamp Out Hunger today. It simply said, “Thanks for all your help!” It is strange because I feel like I should be thanking them…

good luck food. make us proud and become soup.