Hobby Farms & Home Projects

I am reading one of Barbara Kingsolver’s books & pulled this from her website:

“Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life makes a passionate case for putting the kitchen back at the center of family life, and diversified farms at the center of the American diet.”

Love it! Really inspiring for the farm & it’s goal to be a fully operating CSA/Hobby farm.
Pictures of the farm’s fall fruit. Washington fruit season was off the hook and the blueberries really went crazy!

The Plums are back.

The good thing about not weeding…Blackberries!

Apple Tree is recovering and growing up.

As for more Home Projects. Big Mamas Farm recently combined efforts with EarthRise Landscaping and the community behind our local Bilingual Preschool— creating an Outdoor Classroom. The full project will be up soon–An attempt to bring our passion for natural living and lifestyles to our children and our community.