Plant a Vegetable, Eat a Vegetable

Brought to you from St. Louis.

Gateway Greening(G.G.) is responsible for over 140 garden projects throughout St. Louis. City Seeds Urban Farm, a non-profit associated with G.G., is a working example of the farm to table idea—city style.

This beautification and educational project, working in partnership with places like the St. Patrick’s Center, is helping people help themselves….one vegetable at a time. Their agricultural efforts encourage and teach sustainable practices while bridging the gaps between neighborhoods.

Community gardens benefit the city by building stronger, healthier people–“turning streets into neighborhoods and neighbors into friends”, as people unite over one vacant lot….to claim life back.

To grow a plant, is to grow thy self.

Watch the video documenting this effort brought to you by Channel 9 Public Media @ And shop their produce at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market.