Plants & Physics

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“If quantum physics is magic, plants are basically wizards. Normally you wouldn’t expect anything biological to make use of quantum mechanics. Scientists in Spain believe they witnessed plants doing just that to absorb light. Plants gather photons and convert them into energy. When a photon is absorbed, it has multiple energy pathways to choose from, and always takes the most efficient one. Researchers discovered that if something changes and another pathway becomes more efficient, the photon changes paths instantly. Apparently it’s able to sample multiple paths at the same time, effectively being in two or three places at once.”

This research supports the notion of a time-space continuum, a photon illustrating the capacity to be in several places simultaneously. Interesting. Humans identify with a “Macro” world. Big Bigger. This is why we fail to understand the plant world. Plants identify in the microcosm, a subtle intermingle. Until we decompress, detoxify and detach, we will never find our place. We will continue to choose victimization by the modern world and it’s modern medicine. We will continue to loose.

We have a lot to learn from the efficient processes of nature. Our current concept of plant life skims the surface of a much deeper potential–like the tip of an iceberg. This is a fundamental point behind support for herbology. Organizations like the AMA & the FDA keep plants out of medicine because of a perspective based in fear and financials. We test and isolate individual components of plants in an effort to discredit their healing properties, but plants work holistically….each component working off of the next in a synergistic dance. This argument supports Herbology, recognizing that the most powerful plant is a plant in it’s whole form.

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For more on Plants and Physics, enjoy The Secret Life of Plants by Christopher Bird, or refer to the original piece on BBC News @