The Truth Is Out There

From MSN Now, July 9th, 2013

“Imagine swimming through a 50,000-year-old primeval forest. That’s what happened to Ben Raines off the coast of Alabama. After hearing tales of a spot replete with fish and wildlife, Raines dove in and discovered masses of ancient bald cypress trees 60 feet below the surface. He says the stumps are as big as trucks and that the trees are so well-preserved that they still smell like fresh cypress sap when they’re cut. The 0.5-square-mile forest was probably preserved in an oxygen-free environment under ocean sediment until Hurricane Katrina rolled in and uncovered it in 2005. Now scientists believe they have about two years to explore the forest before it disintegrates. Their hope: to uncover clues about the climate thousands of years ago.”

My hope: To begin to value that which has always been–Nature.DSCF0915

Once we think we know something, we fail to understand everything.
Protect the planet, save the human race. The truth is here. BigMama.