Banned Foods

The following is a list of potentially harmful additives & food–viewed this morning on MSN Healthy Living. The article was entitled, “10 things Americans eat that are banned elsewhere.” Yum!

Beware: rBGH and rBST (often in dairy), BHA and BHT (additives), Olestra/Olean (butter substitute), Potassium bromate, Arsenic, Colors and dyes, Brominated vegetable oil, Doped up meat, Hawaiian papaya (GMO), Farm-raised salmon.

Sighting countries from Canada & the EU, to India, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many more, this concise and extremely informative article offers ample scientific evidence discouraging the use of these dangerous substances in our modern-industrialized food industry.

Examples such as hyperactivity, allergies, weight gain, cancers, thyroid problems, adverse affects on the cardiovascular, neurological & psychological systems are some of the health maladies presented. Meanwhile, with reports like the recent deadly outbreak of food poisoning in a school lunch in India, thought to be caused by an insecticide, readers should be dismayed by the lack of attention to such an important and necessary right—-eating healthy food.

The only way to regulate what goes into our food is to grow it ourselves and shop local farmer’s markets and farms. We certainly can not rely on the FDA. So take action and demand change.

“Interestingly, food makers like Kraft and Kellogg’s tint foods distributed outside the U.S. with paprika extract, beetroot, annatto and other color additives thought to be much safer than the dyes used in the U.S.”  Thus—CONSUMER DEMAND WORKS!!

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