Prayers (and Climate Change)

My heart aches for the people in the Philippines. The news on the typhoon is unfathomable. I see pictures of mothers mourning the loss of children and I fight to hold back tears.

On NPR this morning there was a discussion about climate change and the frequency and severity of these weather patterns. It was postulated that as heat rises in the oceans, more energy is available for such storms. It lead to a suggestion regarding cutting emissions and moving toward sustainable development and practices. Together. I am assuming that includes sustainable agriculture.

Sometimes my comforts make me feel guilty. While shopping in my fancy grocery store, I pondered the news broadcast. Walking to my car a gentleman hit me up for spare change. I gave him a dollar. Then he offered to take my cart back for me. I felt more guilt thinking–maybe that wasn’t enough, lets face it, I could have spared more.

I sat in my car jotting down notes, sipping a fancy cup of coffee. When I got out, an eagle swooped down, fast, and damn near took my head off. Was it a sign? Next time, who knows, he might go for an eyeball. Nature can be harsh.

So I found this link through NPR. I’ll admit, I only donated ten dollars. But if you donate, and a friend donates, and his friend…..

Maybe together, we will make a difference. If we are all connected, do we all suffer? I pray the people in the Philippines will find strength (and food).