Herbal Love & Broth

I have crossed paths with many people recommending broth. Not the broth in boxes, on shelves and in most kitchens. Not the little condensed squares or paste. Real broth. The kind that cooks overnight, or at least for most the day. I finally did it. I bought the organic chicken, the whole dawn bird. I busted that creature up and tossed it into the crock pot, veggies and water as company.DSCF1314

As delicious aromas filled the kitchen, my excitement grew. My broth was done by the evening, just in time to use half for my fresh pumpkin soup. I put the other half in a mason jar and stashed it in the fridge, destined for home-style chicken noodle. The best part, I still have half a chicken left for stock and the breasts ready for nuggets. That was ten dollars well spent!


I love herbs. I should cook with them more often. Here’s a great crafty tip: to keep fresh herbs looking and lasting–put in a little water rather than in the refrigerator. Not only do they look fabulous sitting on the counter, they are more accessible and certainly, healthier.

DSCF1318For all the herbal advocates, I am providing a list of herbal implications featured in these meals.

Garlic-alterative*, stimulant, diaphoretic, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, antibiotic, nervine, carminative* & vulnerary*.

Bay-(internal)-gas & indigestion

Parsley-anti-cancerous herb (protects liver & intestines), anti-rheumatic, stimulant of digestion, of kidneys, eliminating toxins

Ginger-stimulant, intestinal tonic

Sage-antispasmodic, astringent, reduces secretion of fluids

Nutmeg-nervine, carminative, tonic to circulatory system


*carminative-combats flatulence, alterative-blood purification, vulnerary-wound healing

My acupuncturist supplied this website that outlines the value and nutritive quality of bones, thus providing the health benefits of homemade stock. http://www.westonaprice.org/food-features/why-broth-is-beautiful.

Check out this recommended website for recipes–tastespotting.com, it’s a virtual potluck!

CHEERS to our health. Happy cooking.