Bye Bye Bay


It happened. Team USA successfully defended the trophy, winning the 35th America’s Cup. Those involved, including the fans, made sailing history. Go teams!

So we are packed and headed home. Bye-bye Bay. An ‘I hope to see you later’ to my city neighborhood, to back-porch farming. A warm embrace to my Mesopotamia, the fertile Skagit Valley. It is a land not quite between two rivers, but rather a river and an ocean, @ the foothills of the Cascades.

I want to pay tribute to all the city farmers and market enthusiasts of San Francisco. Most notably, the local Asian man who runs a laundry mat on Broad, right between the litter and the Muni, smothered in fog. His potted plants (his city garden) grow some of the best sunflowers, peppers and peas I have seen here. I approached him in admiration, longing for his secrets. Unfortunately, I got a healthy reminder of just how dense I can be, as he rattled off in a beautiful language I will probably never learn. He was amazing!

And a round of applause to a neighbor, whose front yard depicts an amazing example of the possibilities of edible, ornamental gardens. Just look at that cauliflower and artichoke! DSCF1345

I will miss this fabulous city. But we are headed home.

Two acres of potential. Two acres of projects. We are blessed. And with this blessing comes a duty to GROW GROW GROW food.

Buenos suerte mis companeros.