Spinning Modern Medicine

The following is excerpted from the book, “Reinventing Medicine,” by Larry Dossey, M.D.

For more than a century the profession of medicine has tried to become increasingly scientific and technical, because this is where we believed the future of healing lay. Now a monumental shift is occurring, set in motion not by physicians but by society at large. Currently almost half of adult Americans visit a practitioner of alternative medicine yearly….

Dr. John A. Astin of Stanford University School of Medicine reported the findings of a national survey in the Journal of the American Medical Association in an article entitled “Why Patients Use Alternative Medicine.” “…The use of alternative care is part of a broader value orientation and set of cultural beliefs, one that embraces a holistic, spiritual orientation to life. In other words, technological medicine is not enough. People want their medical care grounded in spirituality.”
This approach allows us to tease out the mechanical, the mind-body, and the spiritual elements of modern medicine. It permits us to see how one gives rise to another and how they are compatible with one another. This helps to explain why millions of people feel there is no contradiction among the various physical, mind-body, and spiritual approaches and why they use them together.

(While comparing to the fires in Yellowstone National Park) In a sense, medicine is burning, as old ideas and methods are fading on every hand. But medicine’s fires are purifying; new life is emerging from the ashes, as it always does. The reinventors are stepping forward, and healing is in the wind. The rebirth has begun.

Excerpted from The Wellness Workbook by John W. Travis, M.D. and Regina Sara Ryan:

“A new field of inquiry in psychology has emerged in the last thirty years, called the fourth force. Transpersonal psychology seeks to incorporate the spiritual into the therapeutic process. It grows out of this expanding realization that energy is one; that there are multiple, or alternate realities that many of us have touched in our transcending experiences; that ancient, religious, and mystical traditions have much to say to the condition of twenty-first-century woman and man; and that a transformation is taking place.”

My greatest desire is to be a part of this movement. Bigmama

One of Many Sunflowers

One of Many Sunflowers