From Chaos


The paths are cleared. Walkable once again. The tractor chugged away the clutter. The farm is born. We are on a mission. Only to be deterred by bathroom breaks and good eatin’.

There is still much to do before a true springtime. Leveling the ground, weeding, mulching, and planting grass. As much as I love the virulence of the weed, congruity in the garden puts my mind at ease.

We are attempting to find a contact to take all the old nursery supplies off our hands. We plan to get the outdoor garden rolling, as well as acquire a few new trees, plant the strawberry patch, and work on downsizing and reinventing the existing gardens.

Needless to say, it will be a busy Spring. I anticipate the first harvest as I anticipate the setting sun, with certainty and wonder. Let it grow!