The Harvest

DSCF2833Fresh food rocks!

We have plucked peas, gobbled blueberries & enjoyed the best mashed potatoes ever.

The orchard is abundant with apples and plums & the garden offers crisp cucumbers.

For fall we have hopes of  many many pumpkins. Soon to be–carving Jack-o-Lanterns and baking fresh pumpkin pie.

What’s not to love?

Contrast with where we are today in the food production market:

Excerpted from the article, “How Far Does Your Food Travel to Get to Your Plate?”

It is estimated that the average American meal travels about 1500 miles to get from farm to plate. Why is this cause for concern? There are many reasons:

  • This long-distance, large-scale transportation of food consumes large quantities of fossil fuels. It is estimated that we currently put almost 10 kcal of fossil fuel energy into our food system for every 1 kcal of energy we get as food.
  • Transporting food over long distances also generates great quantities of carbon dioxide emissions. Some forms of transport are more polluting than others. Airfreight generates 50 times more CO2 than sea shipping. But sea shipping is slow, and in our increasing demand for fresh food, food is increasingly being shipped by faster – and more polluting – means.
  • In order to transport food long distances, much of it is picked while still unripe and then gassed to “ripen” it after transport, or it is highly processed in factories using preservatives, irradiation, and other means to keep it stable for transport and sale. Scientists are experimenting with genetic modification to produce longer-lasting, less perishable produce.

Average Distances from Farm to Market

Terminal Market vs. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Apples: 1,555 miles vs. 105 miles

Tomatoes: 1,369 miles vs. 117 miles

Grapes: 2,143 miles vs. 151 miles

Beans: 766 miles vs. 101 miles

Peaches: 1,674 miles vs. 184 miles

Winter Squash: 781 miles vs. 98 miles

Greens: 889 miles vs. 99 miles

Lettuce: 2,055 miles vs. 102 miles

Read the article in it’s entirety at, on Cuesa—Cultivating a Healthy Food System.