Fun in the Sun

In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. (CDC Website) Fresh food fights obesity and the diseases associated with processed food!!!!

The farm has a lot to offer our children. When a child watches a plant grow up– the seed they squished in the starter tray, a bushy entanglement of peas or a mountain of hidden potato treasures–an appreciation for good food follows.

They water them, nurture them, coax them on, until one day, the temptation is overwhelming, and they fall in love with the food they helped grow. As I watch my kids wander into the corn fields or escape into the blueberry bushes, I think, this is the essence of childhood.

In the future, we hope MANY more kiddos will enjoy some farm adventures here. Rather through camps, scheduled harvests, or classes, I see a future bright with dirty, busy little hands.

Keep in touch. Coming soon–monthly kids’ Spanish classes in the Party Greenhouse & the official reopening of Earthbound Massage.


Party Greenhouse