Make it Happen

Thank you Salvador. It has been awhile since another local farmer was on the property. Salvador will be renting one of our spare greenhouses for the Spring. His vegetable starts will begin with BigMama and end on another farm. Just like our first renter, Jubilee CSA. Awesome.

Here is what I know. He grows organic. He seems like a nice guy. His buddy, Miguel, will be doing some growing with him. He paid 3 months in advance. And I can live with that arrangement.

Baby steps. It doesn’t matter how small they are… long as they are moving in the right direction.

In the spirit of “doing”—

My mom came out to visit. She was a woman with a vision. Anyone who knows my mom can imagine the week.

6 am. chop chop. 7 pm. what else can we chop chop?

I love her. I needed that chop chop too. And what do you know? We found a lil magic under that ax.

Results and experience to be posted in the next blog. Stay tuned. Bigmama is singing a new tune, a sweet sweet morningbirdsong…..

Farm kids hard at work.

Farm kids hard at work.