4 Falls to Driftwood

DSCF3500Greenhouse 4 is coming down! The goats appear a bit confused as to why their house is being dissembled—while they are still living in it!

Yesterday, I returned to quite a story. Apparently the goats took advantage of my absence—Sonny decided to take a stroll down our road and Cher was caught chasing my neighbor’s wife!! Ay ay ay.

But all is well. The greenhouse, along with the goats, are moving–straight on down Hwy 20 to Driftwood Farms. Greener pastures?!

That leaves 6 Greenhouses for BigMama; this area is now the future sight of our barn. Construction scheduled for 2017.


New location for Greenhouse 4; Driftwood Farms.

Driftwood Farms is a small up-and-coming hobby farm specializing in happy hens and fresh eggs, as well as the best home-made plum marinade ever!

Good luck Driftwood farmers…..and happy growing.