Pots Pots & Projects



10,000 down, a few more thousand to go……

And they are going. With no profitable avenue for distribution, I went for the free ad on Craiglist.

Come one and all. And they came.

Every person had a story to tell–personal projects, endeavors…

Among them was an extremely enthusiastic man, Trevor, who turned out to be my last customer. Cleaned me out in 2 truck + trailor loads…….

His project in a nutshell: The story of 12 million seeds. (A million seeds a year for 12 years!!) To be given away to local schools in our area, while challenging the kids to a grow contest. In addition, a free flower give-away, local volunteer events, and of course, a plant fest on Earth Day. All inspired by a desire to save the planet, one passionate educator + one powerful plant, at a time.

Needlesstosay, the guy needs some serious pots.


Our plan-A clean patio for boat storage and store our leftover 1000s for…….something.

In the meantime, we like Trevor’s enthusiasm so much…we are dumping more pots for him. He has a list of La Conner schools to hit with the “grow spirit” in April, and we want to help! Though 80% down and dirty on the new pasture project, we still have plenty of pots left to dump (& donate).

We are happy. Pots destined for a landfill—-will now dance gloriously throughout the valley, with new projects, new people & new ideas, for years to come.

Trevor said, “It only takes one person, who knows one person.”

Strength in numbers. Even when you are a four inch plastic garden pot.

Go get em’ —-Bigmama

Trevor’s family own yOUR CO-OP Bakery in La Conner, WA.