Dream BIG

Everyone has a passion. Some people have more than one. I remember in college, watching those Joseph Campbell documentaries—and thinking….”If I follow my bliss—he’s confident success will follow me?” I was in massage school at the time, and while there are people who have made that profession a lucrative career, I felt the weight of an inevitable glass ceiling.

I was wrong. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. It took my over a decade to appreciate that quote, to internalize, to believe in it—-

My youngest is now 4 yrs. old. Being a stay-at-home mom is undoubtedly the most rewarding thing I have ever done—but there is always that lingering feeling….what next?

I can honestly say, it wasn’t until Sebastian was 18 months…..that I finally surrendered. I didn’t give up….I never give up….but I finally believed in Campbell’s words—

And now I value my successes. While I may never see the figures—-I sure as hell feel rich.

I could take the time now to quote all the greats—-everyone considerably smarter than me—to prove—-The quantom universe—-we are what we believe, our thoughts….our reality.

But I won’t—-because as bumpy as the road may be to such truth—–it is that simple. “Follow your bliss.”

I started this blog 6 years ago—-at a time when I certainly did not believe, and yet, here we are—-

So I challenge you—my readers—-wherever you are—–To let go. Let your dreams define you—-never say never.

Put your passion on the line. And surrender.

I read our mission statement last night. And it blew my mind—-While our mission may have evolved, our passion is unwavered.

So here I am—-taking that leap of faith—–hold me to my words:

Bigmamasfarm will be the success we have invisioned. We will open our “doors” to the community, teaching our children the value of a healthy food-healthy mind concept—–thus—–redefining healthcare.

When you visit the farm—-you will walk amongst the healing power of plants & it will overwhelm you—-


A greenhouse loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. Children planting, playing, harvesting…..

Yesterday—we did just that. Children juicing all that goodness……by the end of just one day, even the most stubborn of children, were requesting kale, cucumber, pineapple juice……

as a substitute to their typical side of canned corn.

I have renewed my passion. I believe.

Juicing and Loving it! Substitute one unhealthy habit with a fresh juice--and take control of your life.

Juicing and Loving it! Substitute one unhealthy habit with a fresh juice–and take control of your life.

And now I challenge you—-

Do Something That Matters. Follow Your Bliss.


Feel the Power of Your Passion.

And the rest will follow you.

Reference: Juicing For Life, Cherie Calbom & Maureen Keane

Upcoming Posts: Influential People following their bliss, despite the odds; Networking Partnerships as far as the East Coast; New Farmers Growing & New Goals.  Here-on Bigmamasfarm.