New Beginnings

Next Generation Orchard

Next Generation Orchard

As Summer draws near, I reflect on a successful Spring. While the projects ahead often clutter my mind—-this year has brought excitement that makes a bright future feel almost guaranteed. But with all new beginnings, all the anticipation of the greatness of NEW BEGINNINGS—-I am reminded—of the ENDINGS. Some more difficult than others.

We will be turning the farm over to new renters, new landscapers and new farmers, all of whom I am honored to say—may very well be more deserving of BigMama than I have ever been. As we prepare to embark on another America’s Cup Campaign, 2017 Race, I hold on to these gorgeous almost Summer days—-these days of harvest, of birdsongs and cricketsongs and first fruits……..with a grip so tight it calloses my hands. But I am ready for a new beginning despite the pain of a tough fairwell.

I welcome Mauricio, the property manager, and the world’s best pruner and future grower/reconstructer of the Starter House. I welcome NW Green Farm, the future farmers of Houses # 1 and # 2. And I welcome my friends from San Francisco, a family’s whose beauty might very well exceed that of this farm (which is hard to do!).

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that will survive, but the one most adaptive to change.” So let’s get going already!!!  

To our dear Buddy, RIP. We have never known a better friend. Thank you for being the best dog ever.

To our dear Buddy: We have never known a better friend. Thank you for being the best dog ever. I really miss you. RIP.                                                                                                                                       (Photo was taken days after returning from the last campaign.)