Bermuda or Bust

A friend recently said to me, “I truly believe we are going to drown in our own trash someday.”

I did some reading on water in relationship to the health of the planet and the pH of our bodies…etc…and came across information on plastic accumulating in the Atlantic Ocean. I related that to what I have seen here, a paradise struggling for a pristine nature that may never be.  I say that with hesitation because it is beautiful–but I just can’t get over the trash on every beach, in every park, on every walk….it makes me sad.


There are organizations trying to clean it up–but they appear to be fighting one of those losing battles.

I recognize how much trash my family produces each week–knowing it is going to be burned somewhere not far from where we play–I recognize the plastic that floats to shore on a daily basis. You just can’t ignore it here.

So I am doing what I can. I pick up the trash on our beach–though I too appear to be losing. And I am joining a local CSA in the hopes that my waste might be reduced enough to make a difference. Well that—and I am just a die-hard fan of good food. I love damn good fresh farm food.

Wadson Farms is rocking the CSA thing–and I am elated to join the fun. If ya can’t grow it–join it! This small farm is making a difference here. Bye bye plastic produce. Hello farm food.

For all those CSA lovers out there–those who aspire to be part of a better idea, a better way–a happier kitchen or a rocking farm, check out Wadson Farms in Bermuda (their website of course) and find your local same same inspiration. It feels good.

I miss BigMama, but this will do for now. Keep on.


“Sometimes the hardest part, isn’t letting go, but learning to start over.”
-Nicole Sobon