Food Buzz and Biz

At my new favorite place in Bermuda, Wadson Farms, you can reserve a Turkey for the holidays. Yes, I guaranteed the termination of a living creature for my dining pleasure….but HOLY BIRD, how cool is that? I mean, you know, if you’re gonna do it.

I recall my once and far forgotten favorite restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico (so far forgotten I misplaced the name) that only served food from the backyard. So it was an apothecary in the front, kitchen in the back, garden in the back of that……with nothing but a chalk board menu serving, on occasion, an abundance of squash this and squash that.

Yeah I know. An ‘eating with the seasons’ restaurant swanky enough to scribble a menu with chalk–Duh?

But if simple is becoming mainstream, count me in.

Check it—all I serve is four different kinds of grilled cheese, made with bread from that bakery across the street and seasoned with herbs from that hanging basket over there….

Thank you goodness. I will take one for each day of the week.  Will locavores solve the problems with industrial agriculture? NO. But I suspect it is a step toward a consumer-demand wave that will birth a healthier future. Better ideas. From roof top gardens to permaculture principles….I taste food worth believing in.

Inspired by Ted Talks. Chew On This.