Monthly Archive: November, 2017

Winter on the Way

  Even after our first snow, the farm is still producing food. Abundant hardy kiwi hang from their vines, awaiting harvest. One of many fires, bringing light to the darkness of these cold,… Continue reading

Starting Over (Starter House)

Before and after pictures, first stage of Starter Greenhouse remodel. We lost cover in a storm 7 years ago….and we are finally rebuilding. Gutting everything for a clean slate. Sometimes you have to… Continue reading

Yoga in Anacortes

ME-YOGA-RETREAT, Anacortes WA New to Anacortes. Featuring indoor and outdoor spiritual yoga practice: Local studio practice. Yoga in the park. Community Outreach Yoga. Teacher Training. Yoga at the Guemes Island Resort. Retreats: Local… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast

Missing our Bermudian Bengal Cat, Freckles. She disappeared shortly after the move. It sucked. We adopted Norman, the bearded dragon, from the Humane Society recently. I support adopted pets. I guess you could… Continue reading

Blackberry down

Now that it is freeze your butt off cold, burning fallen limbs and cut blackberries are the priority. We will have many burns in the hopes to clear the land for the new… Continue reading

Picking Projects

The list is endless. Prioritizing before the winter hit was nearly impossible. Everything needed love. Pruning, weeding, cutting, burning, just to start the clean-up. Now we can build. We are repairing greenhouses, building… Continue reading

Happy Housing

Not everything we accomplished revolved around plants. Our animals needed some love too. Within a month of finishing the construction of an outdoor run for the rabbits (two new bunnies), Licorice managed an… Continue reading

The Loot

I guess we have been a little busy since our relocation. Updates are long overdue.  After living in Bermuda, it was easy to appreciate the bountiful harvest of our Washington farm. We returned… Continue reading