Happy Housing

Not everything we accomplished revolved around plants. Our animals needed some love too. Within a month of finishing the construction of an outdoor run for the rabbits (two new bunnies), Licorice managed an escape route. After several trapping attempts that revisited episodes of Scooby Doo, we gave up and relocated them to a winter residence. We built a new shelter in the hoop house. Not a moment too soon really, in light of the early snow fall.

We added a bearded dragon to the farm, an old guy rescued from the Humane Society. I can’t figure why but my daughter seems happy. I thought farm animals were to serve a farm purpose. But now we have a reptile plus a lazy cat that just might be the worlds worst mouser. Oh well. That’s BigMama for you.

A lot of play—some work. We added a treehouse. We may have lost our priority list under a pile of unpacked boxes.

Oh well.

2009-01-01 00.02.29