Phase ONE

Phase ONE: Starter Greenhouse Reconstruction

It’s finally happening. After years of considering and weeks of planning, the party greenhouse reconstruction is underway. We finally have a break from the rains (we flooded 3 times this year!) and I am expecting a week of sunshine and productivity.

Phase ONE is really a multiphase project, as is so many of our efforts here on the farm. We had to start by gutting the old infrastructure and dissembling the long planter boxes that ran alongside the greenhouse.

Those steps preceded framing in the first wall, which is a customized, glass south-side wall, utilizing over 50% farm-refurbished materials. It is nearly finished and looks great.

Hopefully, by the days end, we will be onto the boxed in north-side wall, which is prepped and ready for placement. This design was visioned not only for function, but around the more important goal of reusing materials and minimizing purchases. We may move slow around here, but slow and steady allows for better intentions and lighter footprints.

Happy Earth Day! I am planting our Christmas tree.

Do something purposeful. Do something GREEN. Be proud to be refurbished. 🙂