Yum Yums

I love summer.

I am trying to harvest and process as much food as possible this year. No excuses. After living in Bermuda, I have come to appreciate (even more) the freshness of garden food. The certainty behind the goodness of what I am eating and the healthy intentions not only for my own family, but for the entire planet.

Local food and home-gardening insures no packaging, no transporting and thus, smaller footprints. It also insures nutrition, as many vegetables now are subject to pesticides, poor soil conditions and GMO.

Nothing compares to fresh picked food. My kids can taste the difference and are becoming the food snobs I hope they will always be!

The satisfaction of a kitchen from scratch and from the garden, fills me with hope and the health required to continue to be both hopeful and happy.

Good food rocks! The single most important thing you can do today…is to demand good food. Promote global wellness and awareness. Plant the seeds of change.