The Beginning

Last fall (2009), my husband and I purchased what used to be Northwest Perennials, a foreclosed nursery on two acres in Skagit County.  This nursery has quite the eclectic past, and I believe we stumbled upon it in order to insure an even more exciting future.  Our first night in our new home was Thanksgiving, I suspect that fact alone, is beyond auspicious.

Given the time frame, we are merely standing at the forefront of our vision.  However, during the short window in which we have been networking and formulating our goals, we have crossed many resourceful paths.

I recently attended a WSU agricultural entrepreneurship class which generated a few minor successes: a work trade with Jubilee Farm (a non-profit CSA under Tierra Nueva), introduction to Azusa Nursery and The Incubator (a large non-profit land lease/education project affecting the Hispanic community and future farming in the valley), and two small businesses with personal interest and commitment to the “healthy foods healthy minds” movement.

As a massage therapist and a natural health major, I have spent my life exploring the integration of mind and body and how this relationship defines wellness, and thus, how wellness defines the quality of our life. Our mental disposition is a direct result of our food choices and this knowledge is tenaciously paving the way of the future.  We are in the age of the New Medicine, the emergence of the East and West, and what we are learning as a collective consciousness, as a society, is this–If our potential is indeed a direct result of our nutrition, then our health is defined by our personal care.  This realization is ultimately redefining healthcare.

As a mother, therapist & educator, I have spent the past years putting “it all” together in a manner tangible enough to produce results, and thus perpetuate the waves of change.  By means of  our farm,  I intend to encourage change– through education & experience, of fresh food & sustainable earth centered living. Holism.  I believe this pursuit begins with Big Mama since healthy food begins with the farmer.  Skagit Valley is renowned for food production with countless articles written on the bounty of the valley, and yet, when our children sit down to lunch at school, they are not eating Skagit grown potatoes.  I intend to bring awareness to this paradox in the hope that more schools will model that of Lincoln Elementary (Mount Vernon, WA), thus exposing our children to a healthy awareness and appreciation for food. Ultimately, we will be unveiling the tools to become healthy, productive, happy adults.

Which brings us to our vision:  Big Mama’s is a small scale farm project born from a pre-existing perennial nursery.  Our purpose is RENOVATION, utilizing sustainable practices to GO GREEN, and REVOLUTION, incorporating  new farming models to GROW FOOD.  As a sustainable farm operating under a CSA system, we are a renewed model for healthy food and healthy community.

This is our intent.  However, it is springtime on a new farm comprised of eight greenhouses, plants, animals, and……projects.  Suffice to say, we are literally knee deep in dirt right now.  Stay tuned because pictures speak a thousand words and we will attempt to bring you up to speed on all the CHANGES because as quick as a project can go up…it can come right back down.  There is never a dull moment on the farm and it is this energy that will bring us into the next phase, this energy devoted to our land and our children.  Peace and Love  Kerry