Big Mama is dedicated to GOALS, destined to change as frequently as they do, the following is a summation of Our Agenda, Mission in Action:

Big Mama’s Farm is Going Green and Growing Food.  We are renovating an old nursery while shifting to sustainable food production practices. Our goal is to encourage wellness through education, local business partnerships and healthy food distribution.

The following is a list of projects to date….we will keep you posted on progress…and add and delete as we move forward in our mission—-

  • Network  Partnerships with Businesses, Schools and other Farms-VIVA FARMS, FAITHLAND GROWERS, NW GREEN FARM
  • Starter Greenhouse Repair & Reconstruction Scheduled for early 2016
  • Rain-Catchment & Wind Turbine
  • Composting Stations
  • Replace & Reassemble Irrigation-75% DISSEMBLED (it’s a start)
  • Mama’s Studio, Build Deck and Bathroom, Sliding-scale Massage & Bodywork
  • Rabbit Habitat-New Rabbit/Chicken Area Completed! Future “Education Trail.”
  • Kids’ Monthly Spanish Classes-Sunday program-June & July 2015. See Event Page
  • Build Barn
  • Community Yoga in Party Greenhouse
  • Road-side Farm Stand

Our goal is to operate as a CSA (community supported agriculture), working with local businesses and schools.  We encourage ecological, economical and nutritiously sound programs that begin with homegrown food.  As we shift into cost-effective, community-oriented farming practices, we create a mutual exchange of resources, generating avenues for food availability. We will establish fresh food distribution routes, utilizing the u-hual and u-picks allowing small programs and individuals access to fresh food.  Our future goals are tied to community beautification projects, education and healthcare activism.