Origin of Big Mama

Mama crunched between Older Son and Younger Daughter

The Origin of Big Mama

If it hadn’t been for Amber’s death, this would never have been…I know that.  Her passing was our passage, the farm’s revival….her demise.  In this respect, our passions are linked to Amber’s spirit, whatever happens….happens in her honor.  I have yet to understand the meaning, I just believe in those simple truths.

Big Mama Amber was our yellow lab, born on December 1st, over eleven years ago.   In her  immediate family, she left behind Buddy, Madrona, Cielo and— us.  There were many more.

Two days before Kris stumbled upon the nursery for sale…soon to be the farm…Amber died.  She was hit by a car walking home from her usual afternoon happy hour.
I’d like to think Guemes was where she wanted to stay, it was in fact, her home.  Now Amber watches over the children from her rightful place, having assumed her thrown……..and we move on.

Amber’s pups (and there were a few) roam her ol’ tromping grounds…friends in good homes.  Some she played with down to her final days, one under my foot as I type…so her legacy lives on.

Big Mama positively effected everything in her path, was everyone’s “favorite,” managing to draw a smile from even the most stubborn onlookers.  There was something about her spirit, an engrained “motherness,” a protector, a nurturer…a bad ass with just the right umphff.  Everyone’s Mama.

I miss her. We all miss her. My 2 ½ year old daughter speaks of “whale whale” as if she were still here, she will say, “and then there is amber sleeping in the orchard.”

She had a spirit that stuck with you, left it’s mark.  Rather you are aware of it or not–if you had the pleasure of knowing Big Mama Amber, then you had a pleasure like no other, and you are forever a different person……perhaps, a kinder person.

I miss you Amber. I should have been there.  This one is for you girl, RIP.       K