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Yum Yums

I love summer. I am trying to harvest and process as much food as possible this year. No excuses. After living in Bermuda, I have come to appreciate (even more) the freshness of… Continue reading

Food Buzz and Biz

At my new favorite place in Bermuda, Wadson Farms, you can reserve a Turkey for the holidays. Yes, I guaranteed the termination of a living creature for my dining pleasure….but HOLY BIRD, how… Continue reading

Ok, Really, Goodbye

“Thinking globally is an abstraction. What the world needs now isn’t love sweet love-that’s a slogan. What the world needs now…is more compassionate local actions: ‘Shopping at the hardware store owned by a… Continue reading

Dream BIG

Everyone has a passion. Some people have more than one. I remember in college, watching those Joseph Campbell documentaries—and thinking….”If I follow my bliss—he’s confident success will follow me?” I was in massage… Continue reading

Pots Pots & Projects

10,000 down, a few more thousand to go…… And they are going. With no profitable avenue for distribution, I went for the free ad on Craiglist. Come one and all. And they came.… Continue reading

4 Falls to Driftwood

Greenhouse 4 is coming down! The goats appear a bit confused as to why their house is being dissembled—while they are still living in it! Yesterday, I returned to quite a story. Apparently… Continue reading

One for the Road

In the spirit of before and after, extra innings, ones for the road and keepin’ on….             We have come a long way (back) in a short 15… Continue reading

A Bigger Mama

February Farm Project Week Brought to you by Big big Mama, a couple of craigslist fast finds, a damn fine pruner and his comrades in damn fine-ness, my local man Juan, and a whole lot-o-dirt… Continue reading


The cornfields have exploded. And it tastes good.  Remember to choose your farm stand wisely. Go Organic!  From http://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/sweetcorn/ INFORMATION ON GMO SWEET CORN Unbeknownst to the majority of consumers, in the summer of… Continue reading

The Harvest

Fresh food rocks! We have plucked peas, gobbled blueberries & enjoyed the best mashed potatoes ever. The orchard is abundant with apples and plums & the garden offers crisp cucumbers. For fall we… Continue reading