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Yum Yums

I love summer. I am trying to harvest and process as much food as possible this year. No excuses. After living in Bermuda, I have come to appreciate (even more) the freshness of… Continue reading

The Glass Garden

How-to-Garden when you don’t have a garden————- There are a million things to love about life in Bermuda, food isn’t one of them. “Sprouting in your kitchen is like having a mini garden in… Continue reading

Goooood Morning

Oooooh yeah. It is one of those days. 🙂 Raw Brownies (recipe from chocolatecoveredkatie) Grain-free Granola (recipe from my new fav book, Food Matters) And…..a banana, kale, brazil nut macadamia milk smoothie (bigmama’s… Continue reading

Set Break

We emphasize the Mama in Bigmamasfarm, so naturally, there is a lot of playtime during project weeks. Hats off to the kiddos for turning this soon-to-be-firewood-of-a-boat into a new adventure! There is nothing… Continue reading

Smoothie Me Up

Smoothies have reached epic status in our kitchen. We broke the barriers of common and went extreme. My days of a smoothie ingredient short list are long gone. Tip of the iceberg goodies in… Continue reading

Food Buzz and Biz

At my new favorite place in Bermuda, Wadson Farms, you can reserve a Turkey for the holidays. Yes, I guaranteed the termination of a living creature for my dining pleasure….but HOLY BIRD, how… Continue reading

Happy Thoughts

“Stuff is always happening, you just have to pay attention.” – Sienna Moon, Age 8   Today: I am going to cook something new and delicious…..and eat it sitting down. I am going… Continue reading

A Garden Interpreted

“Six weeks. That’s one estimate of how long Bermuda’s food supply would last without cargo ships and aircraft bringing goods in.” Excerpted from a newspaper article written in 2013. http://www.royalgazette.com/article/20130405/ISLAND/704059986 I miss the… Continue reading

Ok, Really, Goodbye

“Thinking globally is an abstraction. What the world needs now isn’t love sweet love-that’s a slogan. What the world needs now…is more compassionate local actions: ‘Shopping at the hardware store owned by a… Continue reading

Winter Wonders

Food Processing Projects: Canning & Pickling. Jam, Applesauce and Corn proved to be our only true successes. Farm Fun And Projects–Clearing Brush, Defining the Old Paths…..Finding our Farm once again.   We hired… Continue reading