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Farm Stands

The kids are having their first farm stand of the year. They have piggy backed our spring cleaning garage sale. Featuring plants, pots, & seeds. Serving organic coffee, hot chocolate with local milk… Continue reading

Winter on the Way

  Even after our first snow, the farm is still producing food. Abundant hardy kiwi hang from their vines, awaiting harvest. One of many fires, bringing light to the darkness of these cold,… Continue reading

The Loot

I guess we have been a little busy since our relocation. Updates are long overdue.  After living in Bermuda, it was easy to appreciate the bountiful harvest of our Washington farm. We returned… Continue reading

The Glass Garden

How-to-Garden when you don’t have a garden————- There are a million things to love about life in Bermuda, food isn’t one of them. “Sprouting in your kitchen is like having a mini garden in… Continue reading

Goooood Morning

Oooooh yeah. It is one of those days. 🙂 Raw Brownies (recipe from chocolatecoveredkatie) Grain-free Granola (recipe from my new fav book, Food Matters) And…..a banana, kale, brazil nut macadamia milk smoothie (bigmama’s… Continue reading

Bermuda or Bust

A friend recently said to me, “I truly believe we are going to drown in our own trash someday.” I did some reading on water in relationship to the health of the planet… Continue reading

Ok, Really, Goodbye

“Thinking globally is an abstraction. What the world needs now isn’t love sweet love-that’s a slogan. What the world needs now…is more compassionate local actions: ‘Shopping at the hardware store owned by a… Continue reading

Growth & Change

“By sharing and learning about each other, we can see our oneness, stop focusing on our differences, and come together to take care of the earth.” -Aimee Golant, Metal Art Judaica    … Continue reading

NW Green Farm

Big Mama welcomes our new farmers after a beautiful harvest from their fields @ NW Green Farm. Two brothers, passionate about good food and good community, rocking 4 acres of Skagit Valley soil…..and branching… Continue reading


RESTORATION. HERE AND NOW. HARMONY.   On Big Mama’s Farm we seek to find the spirit–behind a simpler way, to a healthier life. Think about the impact of food. Everywhere–and it is far… Continue reading