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Farm Stands

The kids are having their first farm stand of the year. They have piggy backed our spring cleaning garage sale. Featuring plants, pots, & seeds. Serving organic coffee, hot chocolate with local milk… Continue reading

Party Preparations (PART 2)

And the almost finished product. We moved rapidly so the grass needs to grow in and we are aiming for planter boxes to create a courtyard feel. But the natural setting and many… Continue reading

Party Preparations (PART 1)

We hosted our Triple Birthday Bash in the Party Greenhouse over the weekend. After leveling the flooring, we moved onto the new parking area and mulched entrance. Pictures of progress are in two… Continue reading

Knee Deep

In gravel. There is nothing more satisfying than dump trucks. Gravel, play chips, mulch. It doesn’t matter. A delivery is a sign that things are looking up and looking nice. Here we have… Continue reading


We are under water.¬† Some areas are 6 inches deep. The garden, the party house and surrounding fields are completely saturated. Apparently, there is enough water to kayak. In our 8 years here,… Continue reading

Starting Over (Starter House)

Before and after pictures, first stage of Starter Greenhouse remodel. We lost cover in a storm 7 years ago….and we are finally rebuilding. Gutting everything for a clean slate. Sometimes you have to… Continue reading

Yoga in Anacortes

ME-YOGA-RETREAT, Anacortes WA New to Anacortes. Featuring indoor and outdoor spiritual yoga practice: Local studio practice. Yoga in the park. Community Outreach Yoga. Teacher Training. Yoga at the Guemes Island Resort. Retreats: Local… Continue reading

That’s A Wrap!

Projects aren’t meant to go smoothly. It is basically a hard rule. So imagine the shock when our¬†highly anticipated work week on the farm actually went well. Beyond well. We hit it out… Continue reading

There She Blows

The winter winds were no match for the old plastic on our greenhouses. The structures suffered major damages, most notably the Party Greenhouse. A tissue, please. Well, it was only a matter of… Continue reading

New Beginnings

As Summer draws near, I reflect on a successful Spring. While the projects ahead often clutter my mind—-this year has brought excitement that makes a bright future feel almost guaranteed. But with all… Continue reading