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Yum Yums

I love summer. I am trying to harvest and process as much food as possible this year. No excuses. After living in Bermuda, I have come to appreciate (even more) the freshness of… Continue reading

Yoga in Anacortes

ME-YOGA-RETREAT, Anacortes WA New to Anacortes. Featuring indoor and outdoor spiritual yoga practice: Local studio practice. Yoga in the park. Community Outreach Yoga. Teacher Training. Yoga at the Guemes Island Resort. Retreats: Local… Continue reading

Smoothie Me Up

Smoothies have reached epic status in our kitchen. We broke the barriers of common and went extreme. My days of a smoothie ingredient short list are long gone. Tip of the iceberg goodies in… Continue reading

Food Buzz and Biz

At my new favorite place in Bermuda, Wadson Farms, you can reserve a Turkey for the holidays. Yes, I guaranteed the termination of a living creature for my dining pleasure….but HOLY BIRD, how… Continue reading


RESTORATION. HERE AND NOW. HARMONY.   On Big Mama’s Farm we seek to find the spirit–behind a simpler way, to a healthier life. Think about the impact of food. Everywhere–and it is far… Continue reading

Dream BIG

Everyone has a passion. Some people have more than one. I remember in college, watching those Joseph Campbell documentaries—and thinking….”If I follow my bliss—he’s confident success will follow me?” I was in massage… Continue reading

Spinning Modern Medicine

The following is excerpted from the book, “Reinventing Medicine,” by Larry Dossey, M.D. For more than a century the profession of medicine has tried to become increasingly scientific and technical, because this is… Continue reading

Modern Medicine

“In China, the New Medicine has enabled medical authorities to keep a population of more than one billion impoverished people in better health than the average affluent American, as numerous studies has revealed,… Continue reading

Herbal Love & Broth

I have crossed paths with many people recommending broth. Not the broth in boxes, on shelves and in most kitchens. Not the little condensed squares or paste. Real broth. The kind that cooks… Continue reading

Therapuetic Food

The following post is the opening passage of Chapter 25 in Daniel Reid’s book, The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing. (1994) “A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness,… Continue reading