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Yoga in Anacortes

ME-YOGA-RETREAT, Anacortes WA New to Anacortes. Featuring indoor and outdoor spiritual yoga practice: Local studio practice. Yoga in the park. Community Outreach Yoga. Teacher Training. Yoga at the Guemes Island Resort. Retreats: Local… Continue reading

Happy Thoughts

“Stuff is always happening, you just have to pay attention.” – Sienna Moon, Age 8   Today: I am going to cook something new and delicious…..and eat it sitting down. I am going… Continue reading

Bermuda or Bust

A friend recently said to me, “I truly believe we are going to drown in our own trash someday.” I did some reading on water in relationship to the health of the planet… Continue reading

Ok, Really, Goodbye

“Thinking globally is an abstraction. What the world needs now isn’t love sweet love-that’s a slogan. What the world needs now…is more compassionate local actions: ‘Shopping at the hardware store owned by a… Continue reading

Dream BIG

Everyone has a passion. Some people have more than one. I remember in college, watching those Joseph Campbell documentaries—and thinking….”If I follow my bliss—he’s confident success will follow me?” I was in massage… Continue reading

Pots Pots & Projects

10,000 down, a few more thousand to go…… And they are going. With no profitable avenue for distribution, I went for the free ad on Craiglist. Come one and all. And they came.… Continue reading

A Veg Pledge

Apples are falling off the tree in the dozens each day, the smell of ripe grapes fill the air. The combination of the two, along with our abundant cucumbers, makes for a delicious… Continue reading


The cornfields have exploded. And it tastes good.  Remember to choose your farm stand wisely. Go Organic!  From http://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/sweetcorn/ INFORMATION ON GMO SWEET CORN Unbeknownst to the majority of consumers, in the summer of… Continue reading

Sunset, Moonrise

Kris is back from 2 months fishing in Alaska. The hens are laying 3 + eggs a day. Apples are falling from trees. Pumpkins & Grapes are maturing. An alliance is developing with… Continue reading

The Harvest

Fresh food rocks! We have plucked peas, gobbled blueberries & enjoyed the best mashed potatoes ever. The orchard is abundant with apples and plums & the garden offers crisp cucumbers. For fall we… Continue reading