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There’s hope. Family organized, friends participated—-in a small work party prior to our arrival. Their work fosters motivation and captivates potential. They kept the dream alive. For that I am very grateful. Though… Continue reading

Bye Bye Bay

It happened. Team USA successfully defended the trophy, winning the 35th America’s Cup. Those involved, including the fans, made sailing history. Go teams! So we are packed and headed home. Bye-bye Bay. An ‘I hope… Continue reading

Curious on Concepts & Children

I recently had the privilege to step into the kitchen of my friend’s mother-in-law, as she prepared an authentic Chinese meal. I have been inspired to visit other “grandma kitchens” in hopes to… Continue reading

The New Medicine

The following quotes are excerpted from an article in SFGate entitled, “Osher Center marries Eastern Medicine with Western.” Published MARCH 2011 The Osher Center…offers physicians trained in integrative medicine, as well as specialists in traditional Chinese… Continue reading

The Outdoor Classroom Continued

We are two seasons down and dirty in the backyard at La Bamba Preschool. The children are successfully growing culinary herbs, vegetables, ornamental and edible flowers and fruits! We have blueberries and strawberries,… Continue reading

Outdoor Classroom Project

Learning in and about your environment in the outdoor classroom.  One future goal for BigMamasFarm—facilitate education about nature and natural living through hands on experience—-whether in planting and harvesting, or tending to the… Continue reading

Hobby Farms & Home Projects

I am reading one of Barbara Kingsolver’s books & pulled this from her website: “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life makes a passionate case for putting the kitchen back at the… Continue reading

And so it grows

Barely. I would be lying if I denied the setbacks…the many setbacks. Bugs, dogs, perhaps some untimely planting. Truth be told, things have been rough. The stomping and chomping have taken their toll.… Continue reading

Community Gardens

The Community Gardens in my City Neighborhood.     The sign posted at one of these gardens reads, “Cultivating Community Through Gardening and Growing.”  What a great depiction of a community garden. A… Continue reading

Food Matters

Inadvertently the answer to my question from the previous post, regarding the programs and processes of the Food Bank system, have been answered. Or at least the surface of the system unfolded, literally,… Continue reading